Tinnitus – Interview

tinnitus laakariMy name is Marja Estola (during 1980-2008 it was Estola-Partanen). I have born in Helsinki, moved through Espoo to Tampere. There I have had my schooling and graduated from high school. I then entered to Tampere University and was graduated to a medical doctor in 1979. I worked in Seinäjoki and Mikkeli and returned to Tampere University Hospital, where I specialized to ear-, nose- and throat doctor in 1987. After that I moved to Imatra, and started to work in Imatra Health Center and in Mehiläinen’s unit. I stop receiving patients by the end of 2018. In 2000 I did my dissertation, “Muscular Tension and Tinnitus” and in that book I describe how I treated tinnitus by injecting lidocain to trigger-points.  I worked in Imatra but did the scientific part in Tampere University, Tapani Rahko was my supervisor.

The treatment of tinnitus by injecting trigger-points was discovered by an accident. I treated a patient, who started to suffer from tinnitus and ear pain after an acute ear infection (otitis media). The inflammation had resolved, but the pain and tinnitus remained. I treated the pain with Lidocain injection and, to my surprise, the tinnitus disappeared with the pain release. After couple of weeks I got another patient, who had the same symptoms, I repeated the treatment and also her tinnitus disappeared. After that I told all my tinnitus patients, that I might have discovered a new way to treat tinnitus and asked if they want to try it. Altogether 178 patients wanted to try and I found, that one third of them had some benefit, tinnitus disappeared or eased. Most of them it was not permanent in the first session and not all the responders could get rid of their tinnitus altogether. But by repeating the treatment the tinnitus off/tinnitus less periods lengthened and some of the partly responding patients got also tinnitus off periods later.

Tapani Rahko has taught me to work with benign positional vertigo and I have done it from 2004 regularly to treat tinnitus and vertigo. It works nicely to some of my patients and their tinnitus diminishes by doing the exercises. I learned how to use kinesio taping  an also hypnosis, they help some of my patients.